Aadmi Khilona Hain – Aadmi Khilona Hain Song Lyrics

Formed under the direction of J. Om Prakash, Aadmi Khilona Hain is a family drama Bollywood portion which mainly casts Jeetendra, Reena Roy, Govinda, and Meenakshi Sheshadri. It is about a couple who doesn’t have a child due to the mother’s maternal issues. However, they find a friend who helps them solve this problem. The twist is revealed when it is known that this friend actually helped them for some secret reasons.

Album: Aadmi Khilona Hain

Song: Aadmi Khilona Hain


Raatein dhalati nahi, din bhi niklta nahi
Usaki marzi bina patta hilta nahi
(Rab jo chaahe wahi toh hona hain
Aadmi khilona hain – 2) – 2

(Jina hain haske humein jeevan ka har pal
Koyi na jaane yaha kya ho jaaye kal) – 2
Har khwaab yahaan pe sajona hain – 2
Aadmi khilona hain – 2
Rab jo chaahe wahi toh hona hain – 2
Aadmi khilona hain – 6