Aag – Dekh Chand Ki Aur Song Lyrics

Revealing the debut of Raj Kapoor as a director and producer, Aag 1948 is about a young man who unwilling does the will of his father of sustaining the family’s custom of becoming a successful lawyer. Famous actress Nargis along with other stars – Premnath, Nigar Sultana, Kamal Kapoor, and Kamini Kaushal are also casted in this fantastic Bollywood segment.

Album: Aag

Song: Dekh Chand Ki Aur


Kahin ka deepak, kahin ki baati – 2
Aaj bane hain jeevan saathi
Dekh hasa hai chaand, mussafir
Dekh chaand ki aur…

Dekh ghata ghanghor -2
Dekh ghata ghanaghor -2
Chaand ke mukh par ghunghat daale,
Khel rahi jo khel -2
Chipa liya aanchal mein mukhdaa,
Dekh ghata ka khel -2
Khel khel mein dekh mussafir, bandi preet ki dor
Dekh chaand ki aur…

Dekh lehar ki aur -2
Dekh lehar ki aur -2
Tadap uthi jo dekh chaand ko,
Chipa na payi preet -2
Milna hua chanda laharon ka,
Guunj utha sangeet -2
Jhoom uthe hain dekh mussafir, chandaa aur chakora
Dekh chaand ki aur…


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