Aag – Kaahe Koyal Shor Machaaye Re Song Lyrics

Revealing the debut of Raj Kapoor as a director and producer, Aag 1948 is about a young man who unwilling does the will of his father of sustaining the family’s custom of becoming a successful lawyer. Famous actress Nargis along with other stars – Premnath, Nigar Sultana, Kamal Kapoor, and Kamini Kaushal are also casted in this fantastic Bollywood segment.

Album: Aag

Song: Kaahe Koyal Shor Machaaye Re


Kaahe koyal shor machaaye re mohe apana koyi yaad aaye re
Keh do keh do koyal se na gaaye re ho mohe apana koyi yaad aaye re

Usne kaahe ko nain phiraaye re, o koi jaake use samajhaaye re
Mere dil se jo nikale hai re koi dosh mera batlaaye re – 2

More naino mein nir bhar aaye re mohe bite woh din yaad aaye re – 2
Haaye aag lagi hriday mein ho, koi hriday ki aag bhujhaaye re

Mera jeevan pal pal jaaye re rahu kab tak aas lagaaye re – 2
Koyi jaake use samajhaaye re, o meri maut se pehle aaye re


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