Aah – Raat Andheri Dur Savera Song Lyrics

Featuring Raj Kapoor and Nargis in starring roles, Aah is a Bollywood romantic film number which was directed during the black-and-white period of 1953 by Raja Nawathe. The story is about a widowed businessperson’s son who is settled in Allahabad. The production company for this movie was R.K. Films.

Album: Aah

Song: Raat Andheri Dur Savera


Raat andheri dur savera, barbaad hai dil mera o…… – 2

Aana bhi chaahein aa na sake hum, koyi nahi aasara – 2
Khoyi hai manzil rasta hai mushkil, chaand bhi aaj chhupa ho……
Raat andheri dur savera, barbaad hai dil mera o………….

Aah bhi roye raah bhi roye, sujhe na baat koyi – 2
Thodi umar hai suna safar hai, mera na saath koyi ho………
Raat andheri dur savera
Barbaad hai dil mera o……


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