Akon – Get Buck in Here Song Lyrics

About Akon: Aliaune Damala Badara Akon Thiam (born April 16, 1973), professionally known as simply Akon, is a Senegalese American R&B and hip hop recording artist, songwriter, record producer and businessman. He rose to prominence in 2004 following the release of “Locked Up”, the first single from his debut album Trouble.

Featured Singers: Twista, Akon  


I like to watch your body move
When your ridin’ on top, on top, on top, on top eh
I like to watch your body move
When your ridin’ on top, on top, on top, on top
Moving them hips, ride me ever so slowly,
Actin’ so grown and sexy you know what I wanna see
I like to watch your body move
When your ridin’ on top, on top ,on top, on top eh

Look how they move like jelly man
You know I gotta get a shock wit a steady can
You can have a brother coming out the pelly pants
If I gotta keep em looking at the way you belly dance
She got a cute portfolio, fast like a Nascar that she drove before
Because I can tell by the way she ride that stick,
That she ride that dick like a rodeo eh
On top while I’m huggin’ them thighs,
And you know I like looking at what I do see,
I’m tryin’ to hit it from the bottom but she told me
To be real still cause she wanna do me
Like a gangster when I touch her
Thought I was rough but she was rougher
She cut me, I didn’t cut her
We tradin’ places like Usher
Because drop to the floor then Eisa
Come rock my boat like Aaliyah
If u can grind on me like Shakira
Well u on top then I just might see ya
He don’t really know the way you can work
He said he ain’t hit it good while he was at you
But you be givin’ me the vision of a freak
So I gotta lay back I wanna see what that do girl


I’m feelin’ how you bump and grind with the twist
Come and slide with the twist if you ain’t got class (class)
How you doing? And I knew that you was ready
When I saw how the fatty lookin’ in the black pants (black pants)
I and you know that I know that I be good
When you be on top of me giving me a lap dance (lap dance)
You move your body like a choreographer
I would lay down and watch if I got that chance (that chance)
I would be all on you, with an apology, that I would be better
But I’m lovin’ the way she rockin’ me
Possibly I could open the odyssey from a good to bottom, let her get on top of me
I knew that she was a little bumped when she got in the truck
I wanna hit after sippin’ the yack in the club
I love the way the booty look when she backin’ it up
Come with me and lets get buck in the back of the bus
A good time if want that there with me
Give it to me cause I gotta get that there
New po is here go in sip that there
Then pop this here let me hit that there
So sexy if I love five eight
When she ride me she make her body vibrate
When I’m lookin’ at her I never get irate
When she get on top me of me and then gyrate