Baazar – Karoge Yad Toh Har Bat Yad Aayegi Song Lyrics

Baazar is a film that deals with a topic which is impossible to change. It highlights the pathetic situation of parents who are unable to get their daughter married due to their poverty. Surrendering under the situation, they have their girl married to a rich, sex-driven, old man settled in Gulf. The star casts in the movie have all given brilliant performances. The movie is directed by Sagar Sarhadi.

Album: Baazar

Song: Karoge Yad Toh Har Bat Yad Aayegi


Karoge yad toh har bat yad aayegi
Gujrate waqt ki har mauj thehar jayegi

Yeh chand bite jamano kaa aayina hoga
Bhatakati abra me chehra koyi bana hoga
Udas rah koyi dastan sunayegi
Karoge yad toh………

Barsata bhigata mausam dhuwa dhuwa hoga
Pighlati shamo pe dil kaa mere guma hoga
Hatheliyo ki hina yad kuchh dilayegi
Karoge yad toh………

Gali ke mod pe suna sa koyi darwaja
Tarasti aankho se rasta kisika dekhega
Nigah dur talak jake laut aayegi
Karoge yad toh………