Babul – Dhadke Meraa Dil Song Lyrics

Babul is a super hit movie released in 1950 featuring Dilip Kumar, Nargis, and Munawar Sultana in main roles. It is directed by S. U. Sunny and produced by Naushad. It is a story about a poor girl who dreams of marrying a postmaster, who in turns loves another girl sharing the same interest and hobby. This makes the poor girl jealous of her. She also tells a lie that the postmaster has already proposed her. However, she starts regretting about her deeds and dies after falling from a tree.

Album: Babul

Song: Dhadke Meraa Dil


(Dhadke meraa dil mujhko jawani ram kasam naa bhaye
Bachpan yad aaye, ho bachpan yad aaye) – (2)

Ho o o…………
Rum jhum aayi hai aayi hai, ho o……… – (2)
Sawan ki rut albeli – (2)
Badal garje bijali chamke – (2)
Kaise rahu mai akeli -2, ho kaise rahu mai akeli
Kaun sune balam bin dil ki bat kahi naa jaye
Bachapan yad aaye, ho bachapan yad aaye

Ho o…….. o o………
Ek toh thandi pawan chale, pawan chale, ho o o o……..
Aur dil khaye hichakole – (2)
Duje mundere kaga bole – (2)
Sun ke meraa man dole -3, ho sun ke meraa man dole
Pal bal jaun kaga par jo pi kaa sandesa laye
Bachapan yad aaye, ho bachpan yad aaye

Dhadke meraa dil mujhko javani ram kasam naa bhaye
Bachapan yad aaye, ho bachapan yad aaye


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