Censor – Mere Dil Me Tum Najar Me Tum Song Lyrics

Marking one of the comebacks of classic Bollywood stars – Dev Anand, Hema Malini, and Jackie Shroff, Censor is a Hindi drama film which is both directed and produced by the unique Dev Anand himself. It is about a film producer who receives a list of scene cuts from the primary minister of Information and Broadcasting Committee for his newest film.

Album: Censor

Song: Mere Dil Me Tum Najar Me Tum


Mere dil me tum najar me tum, sanso me tum hee samaye hu aa
Mere dil me tum……….
Koyee pyas mithee mithee see, tumhe har ghadee bulaye
Mere dil me tum……….

Aankho me kajra lagaye, balo me gajra sajaye
Mathe kee bindiya bhee puchhe, mujhe key sajna tera kab aaye
Dekhu mai jab jab aaina, dikhte tumhare hee saye
Mere dil me tum……….

Tham tham key chalte hain pal, aaise nahee the yeh kal
Tum kya mujhe bhee nahee yeh pata, sine me hai kaisee halchal
Aahte kahee bhee ho, lagta hai tum hee aaye
Mere dil me tum……….


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