Chakradhaar – Chakradhaar Song Lyrics

Chakradhaar is a 2012 film starring Abhishek Anand in lead role. Abhishek is a Brahmin who comes to Banaras University to fulfill his father’s wish. He is a man of principle and gets baffled seeing lots of corruption inside the University. When he tries to raise a voice against it, he is destroyed by the people in power. Having nothing more to lose, he decides to bring the system in its place in his own way and talking in the same language the corrupt understand.

Album: Chakradhaar

Song: Chakradhaar


He ye chakradhaar chakradhaar chakradhaar chakradhaar – 2

Zindagi aag ka rasta hai agar – 2
Tu bhi rakh hosla tu hi rakh jigar
Seena tan hai jeena shaan se
Haar na hi nahi le le hai shapath
(Chakradhaar jab tak na chalegi
Zulm ki aandhi nahi thame gi) – 2
Chakradhaar chakradhaar chakradhaar chakradhaar he ye – 4