Daak Bangla – Jab Baadal Ghir Ghir Aayenge Song Lyrics

This horror movie was presented by Ramsay brothers in the year 1987. The opening of the film shows a couple locked in one intimate embrace inside a dak bangla. The couple is interrupted due to a deep sound of knocking beneath the dak bangla or rest house. The evil force arises from somewhere and the couple is murdered. The film stars Rajan Sippy, Swapna, Mazhar Khan, Marc Zuber and Ranjeet in pivotal roles. The music composition of the film is done by Ajit Singh.

Album: Daak Bangla

Song: Jab Baadal Ghir Ghir Aayenge


Mu : jab baadal ghir-ghir aayenge
Kaho ji ( kit jaayenge ) -2
Su : jab baadal ghir-ghir aayenge
( kasam tori ) -2 chal na paayenge
Jab baadal ghir-ghir …

Mu : raam kare abake saavan na aaye
Aur baras-baras kar baadal na tarasaaye
Su : aise bol na bol ( mar jaayenge) -2
Haay re ( kasam tori ) -2 …

Su : saanch kahu sajan mere
Ji na laage bin tere
Mu : aathon pahar mohe aas aas tihaari rahe haay ghere
Su : aise bol na bol …


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