Daayaraa – Daayi Aankh Bole Kabhi Song Lyrics

The Square Circle is a 1996 Hindi movie by Amol Palekar. It is about women’s position in the society, and the way the male chauvinists look at them. Most of the thought-provoking issues in India has been shown through folk songs. The film has also tried to touch sensitive issue like cross dressing.

Album: Daayaraa

Song: Daayi Aankh Bole Kabhi


Daayi aankh bole kabhi baayi aankh bole
Kitti baar ye kivaade bhide kabhi khole

Dekh dekh raahen naina thakane lage hain
Piya kis des ja ke basane lage hain
Daayi aankh roye kabhi, baayi aankh roye …

Ek aas doobe man ki ek aas jaage
Jaagee-jaagi soye birahan soyee-soyi jaage
Daayi or dole kabhi baayi or dole …