Damini – Jab Se Tum Ko Dekhaa Hain Sanam Song Lyrics

Damini is the title given to the main lead in the film who witnesses a heinous crime committed by her brother-in-law on the day of Holy. She then decides to go against the family and bring justice to the victim. However, she is expelled by her husband and in-laws. She then meets a drunkard advocate who takes her case and fight for the victim in court. The film is directed by Rajkumar Santoshi. Sunny Deal received National and Filmare Award for his performance.

Album: Damini

Song: Jab Se Tum Ko Dekhaa Hain Sanam


Jab se tum ko dekhaa hain sanam kyaa kahe kitane hain bechain
Jab se tum ko chaahaa hain sanam kyaa kahe kitane hain bechain

Pahalee najar mein kiyaa ayesaa jaadoo, naa hosh hai, naa hain dil pe mere kaaboo
Ye soch ke ghabaraoo, aashik naa ban jaaoo
Jab se tum ko maangaa hain sanam nind hain naa muze kahee chain

Toone churaalee meree nind saaree, kitanee sataaye muze bekaraaree
Teree yaad jo aatee hai, koee dard jagaatee hai
Jab se tum ko paayaa hain sanam dekhoo sapane din rain