Dard (1981) – Aisee Hasin Chandanee Pehle Song Lyrics

Dard is a story of a brother who loves his sister, the only person in the family. In order to see her happy, he sacrifices his own life, and takes the blame for a murder committed by his sister’s husband on his head. This emotional story is directed by Ambrish Sangal in 1981, and features Rajesh Khanna in double roles, who received the Filmfare Best Actor Award.

Album: Dard (1981)

Song: Aisee Hasin Chandanee Pehle


Aisee hasin chandanee pehle kabhee naa thee – (2)
(Shamil hai isame aapke -2) chehare kaa noor bhee
Aisee hasin chandanee……

Julfe hain ya ghatao kee parachhaiya see – (2)
Aankho me nilee jhil kee gaharaiya see
Lab hain kalee gulab kee rup champai – (2)
Aisee hasin chandanee……

Keeje meraa kyal ajee kuchh toh sochiye – (2)
Apnee nigah apne tabassum ko rokiye
Had se gujaratee jaye hai divanagee meree – (2)
Aisee hasin chandanee……

Tanahayiyo kaa pyar se daman sajayiye – (2)
Tadapa liya sata liya abb a bhee jayiye
Kab se intzar me banhe khulee huyee – (2)
Aisee hasin chandanee……