Darpan – Bujha Do Dipak Song Lyrics

Some deeds never leave a person until the end. All the efforts in hiding and getting away from them goes in vain when the mirror stars reflecting the past. Darpan is a story of a former prostitute who gets married into a good family. However, certain episodes bring him in front to those people who were been her customers in the past. The film is directed by Adurthi Subba Rao, and released in 1970. It stars Sunil Dutt, Waheeda Rehman, Remesh Deo and Rehman in lead roles.

Album: Darpan

Song: Bujha Do Dipak


Bujha do dipak, hu andhera kar do – (2)
Utha do ghunghat hay savera kar do
Bujha do dipak hu……
Bujha do dipak

Sharam key mare hatho se yeh chehra dhanp key – (2)
Naa dur dur jao, darr se kanp kanp key
Kee abb aao pas, meree pyas toh mita do

Koyee gham hai toh hay woh meraa kar do
Bujha do dipak…….

Badal lo rup apna aaj mere pyar se – (2)
Saja do meree sunee sej ko bahar se
Khushee key phul gham kee dhul peh bichha key

Ise khushiyo kaa hay basera kar do
Bujha do dipak…….


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