Deccan Queen – Yad Naa Kar Dile Hajin Song Lyrics

Deccan Queen is an influential film released in 1936, which paved the way for Indian film industry to try new things. It is associated with many things seen first on a screen such as stunt, double role, and singing by a lead actor, Surendra. It is also Surendra’s debut film. It is the first movie of director Mehboob to direct a stunt film. The actress, Aruna Devi is playing a role of an insurance agent, and a bandit by the name of Deccan Queen.

Album: Deccan Queen

Song: Yad Naa Kar Dile Hajin


Yad naa kar dile hajin bhulee huyee kahaniya
Yar kee bazme naj me gujaree huyee javaniya

Teree bala me janeja rote hain ham toh kya huwa
Ishk me yun hee besuku katatee hain jindganiya

Aapko mujhase ishk tha isaliye aap chup rahe
Kahatee rahee dabee juban aapkee bejubaniya


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