Eight Days – Ummid Bhara Panchhee Song Lyrics

Eight Days is a comedy film released in 1946. It is one of the films in which Ashok Kumar, besides being the hero, has also co-directed the film with Dattaram Pai. His co-actress is Veera. Other roles in the film are handled by Mehndi Ali, Agaha, S. L. Puri and V. H. Desai. The plot is about inheriting a fortune in Veera marries in Eight Days.

Album: Eight Days

Song: Ummid Bhara Panchhee


(Ummid bhara panchhee, tha khoj raha sajanee
Kahata tha yahee panchhee, hay dekho re gayee sajanee
Hay dekho re gayee sajanee) – (2)

Taro bharee rajanee, aanchal ko fasa re – (2)
Puchh rahee hansake (tu kisko pukare -2)
Nainan me nir bhare, dard sambhale
Ummid bhara panchhee…….

(Rajanee mohe na sata, dil na jala itna bata
Kaha gayee sajanee, o kaha gayee sajanee) – (2)
Aansu hain mere naino ke,na ho sakee bunde – (2)
Dil me lagee aag laga (mann me milan ke -2)
Halat mere tujhe taras na aaye
Ummid bhara panchhi……….