Ek Rishta – Aur Kya Jindaganee Hai Song Lyrics

Ek Rishtaa is a 2001 Hindi movie showing the ideological differences between the young and the old generation. It also shows how a rich and happy family gets divided when there is no harmony between the father and son. The film is written, produced, and directed by Suneel Darshan.

Album: Ek Rishta

Song: Aur Kya Jindaganee Hai


Hey hey hey hey hey…. aah aah ha….

Kal talak jo sach tha woh ban gaya afsana
Tinka tinka bikhra luta woh aashiyana
Pal me ban gaye sare apne begane
Yad bahut aate hai gujre jamane
Bas taba hee hai, gham ke saye hai
Sunee aankho me sirf panee hai
Aur kya jindaganee hai, oh aur kya jindaganee