Faraar – Pyar Kee Dastan Tum Suno Toh Kahe Song Lyrics

Established with the direction of Shanker Mukherjee and production of Alankar Chitra, Faraar is a 1975 Hindi crime based movie which casts Sharmila Tagore, Amitabh Bachchan, Sanjeev Kumar, Sulochna, Sajjan, Agha, and Bhagwan Dada in main roles. The story is about a man in love who is taking a revenge on his sister’s rapists. In order to run away from the police, he abducts a child. Later, he finds that the child is actually his lover’s who is now married to a police officer.

Album: Faraar

Song: Pyar Kee Dastan Tum Suno Toh Kahe


Pyar kee dastan tum suno toh kahe
Kya karega sunake jahan, tum suno toh kahe

Do dilo ke milane se sau diye jal jate hain
Aarju kee manjil tak raste sab aate hain
Ham kahan se aaye kahan, tum suno toh kahe

Bas yahee toh puchha tha ek din kuchh sharmake
Kyon gagan yu milata hai iss jamin se ghabarake
Ho gaye sab araman jawan, tum suno toh kahe


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