Gambler – Chudee Nahee Yeh Meraa Dil Hai Song Lyrics

Starring Dev Anand, Shatrughan Sinha, and Jeevan in main roles, Gambler (1971) is an Indian thriller film segment which is formed under the superior direction of Amarjeet. The story revolves a young boy who is uninhabited by his mother. In such difficult circumstances, he is looked after by a high profile criminal don. After growing matured, he falls in love with the daughter of a wealthy industrialist.

Album: Gambler

Song: Chudee Nahee Yeh Meraa Dil Hai


Chudee nahee yeh meraa dil hai, dekho dekho tute naa
Chudee nahee yeh meraa…….

Nilee pilee, rang birangee, pyar kee yeh saugat
Naa naa naa naa aise nahee
Dhire dhire, chupke chupke, dalo inn me hath
Kanch hai kachcha, lekin sachcha ho inn se shringar
Paisa nahee, sona nahee, hira nahee
Motee nahee keemat inn kee pyar
Phulo see najuk hai dekho
Dekho dekho dekho dekho, tute naa
Chudee nahee yeh meraa…….

Koyee bhee tu, meraa hai tu, ai mere hamam
Gham mile, khushee mile, kahee rahe
Kaise rahen, bichhdenge naa ham
Phir bhee janeman dekho dekho tute naa,
Chudee nahee yeh meraa…….