Gambler – Najaro Se Aaj Dil Me Samane Kee Rat Hai Song Lyrics

Starring Dev Anand, Shatrughan Sinha, and Jeevan in main roles, Gambler (1971) is an Indian thriller film segment which is formed under the superior direction of Amarjeet. The story revolves a young boy who is uninhabited by his mother. In such difficult circumstances, he is looked after by a high profile criminal don. After growing matured, he falls in love with the daughter of a wealthy industrialist.

Album: Gambler

Song: Najaro Se Aaj Dil Me Samane Kee Rat Hai


Najaro se aaj dil me samane kee rat hai
Yeh rat toh nasib jagane kee rat hai

Sun lo jara karib se yeh dil kee dhadkane
Yeh dil kaa hal sunane sunane kee rat hai
Najaro se aaj…….

Kadmo me kyon bichhee huyee hai aaj chandanee
Palko pe chandanee ko bithane kee rat hai
Najaro se aaj…….

Dekho falak kee mang sitaro se bhar gayee
Julfo me bhee sitare sajane kee rat hai
Najaro se aaj…….


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