Gang – Phulo Me Kaliyo Me Pyar Kee Galiyo Me Song Lyrics

Coming out as a 2000 Bollywood offering, Gang is directed by well known actor Mazhar Khan who died during the making of this film. It took nearly 10 years to release this film. It is about four friends – Gangu, Abdul, Nihal, and Gary who together form the word G.A.N.G who live doing crimes in the country. Anu Malik and R.D. Burman’s music combination is worth appreciating in this film.

Album: Gang

Song: Phulo Me Kaliyo Me Pyar Kee Galiyo Me


Phulo me kaliyo me pyar kee galiyo me
Dono milen mil ke chalen anajanee raho me ham
Ai he dil hai bechain aaja aaja
Ai he pyase hain nain aaja aaja
Phulo me……..

Ga rahee hain havaye pyar ke woh tarane
Gungunake jinhe ham ho gae the divane
Mastee kaa aalam hai milane kaa mausam hai
Toh kisalie yeh fasale kyon ham pe hai yeh sitam
Ai he dil hai bechain…….

Tu kahee kho gaya toh mai rahee khoyee khoyee
Jane kya ho gaya tha mai naa jagi naa soyee
Mai rah takatee thee kab se tarasatee thee
Teree sada sun ke laga mai jee uthee hu sanam
Ai he dil hai bechain…….


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