Gangs Of Wasseypur II – Bahut Khoob Song Lyrics

Though Gangs of Wasseypur II has been released as a squeal, both the parts were filmed at the same time. It was only because of the running time of the movie that the director decided to make it in two parts. This part received more positive response than the first, and some critics even considered it better than the 1984 Hollywood movie ‘Once Upon a Time in America.’

Album: Gangs Of Wasseypur II

Song: Bahut Khoob


Bahut khoob bahut khoob bahut khoob
Chakachak kumari
Chattanon se krida karti
Kal kal karti
Chal chal karti
Chattanon se krida karti
Kabhi idhar mud kabhi udhar mud – 2
Ban parbat mein lipti chhupti chhupti chhupti
Idhar idhar idhar mud

Dharti ke har kisi chor se
Ban parbat ke kisi mod se
Boond boond se bana hai kaun
Chaar dhaamon se juda hai kaun
Bahut khoob bahut khoob bahut khoob – 2


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