Haathi Mere Saathi – Sun Ja Aa Thandee Hava Song Lyrics

Haathi Mere Saathi is one of the biggest hit films of Rajesh Khanna’s career. M. A. Thirumugham is the director, and it is produced by Devar Films. No other films from a south Indian producer ever crossed the box office figure this film scaled for several years. Such was the magic that those who hated animals the most, started loving them after seeing this it. The approach of people towards animals saw a significant change after this movie.

Album: Haathi Mere Saathi

Song: Sun Ja Aa Thandee Hava


(Sun ja aa thandee hava, aaha tham ja ai kalee ghata
Kuchh pyaree pyaree baten hamaree, aa jate jate too bhee sun ja) – (2)
Tham ja ai kalee………

Ham aaj dono akele hain sun bavaree, yu hee shor machana naa too
Jo nind aa jaye saiya kee baiya me, toh jindagee bhar jagana naa too
Dhire dhire haule haule, mann kee kahanee aaree divanee
Chhupate chhupate too bhee sun ja, tham ja ai kalee………

Par yad rakhana yeh baten, kisee aur se jake bairan too kahana nahee
Naino me nindiya nahee aaj bas, aaj hamare jiya me bhee chaina nahee
Choree choree chupke chupke, ek dusare se ham jo kahenge
Hansate hansate too bhee sun ja, tham ja ai kalee………


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