Halaku – Yeh Chand Yeh Sitare Yeh Sath Teraa Meraa Song Lyrics

Halaku is the title of the tyrant played by Pran in this 1956 Hindi film. The film is set in Iran ruled by Pran. While on a visit, he sees Meena Kumari and gets desperate to make her wife. However, she is in love with Ajit. When she refuses the proposal from Pran, he makes life difficult for both. The film was directed by D. D. Kashyap.

Album: Halaku

Song: Yeh Chand Yeh Sitare Yeh Sath Teraa Meraa


Yeh chand yeh sitare yeh sath teraa meraa
Shabe jindagee kaa naa abb ho savera

Dilruba o dilruba, dil kee tamanna aayee labon par
Aaj kee rat yeh umarr nichhavar, yeh chand yeh sitare……

Aankhe aankhon me dal ke hardam
Kah do kabhee naa honge juda ham
Yeh chand yeh sitare…….


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