Hathkadi – Disco Station Disco Song Lyrics

Hathkadi is a 1982 crime and action film directed by Surendra Mohan. It stars Sanjeev Kumar, Shatrughan Sinha, Ranjeeta, Reena Roy, and Rakesh Roshan in lead roles. The film is about a man who kills his employer while trying to save his wife from being raped. While running away from being caught, he meets with an accident and is believed dead. However, he is alive and reaps a fortune by illegal ways. He even marries another woman and becomes father to a son. Years later, his son from his first wife is an inspector assigned to unearth his illegal activities.

Album: Hathkadi

Song: Disco Station Disco


Disco station disco – 4

O chhodo chhodo meri raahein, meri baahein aa
Ye hai pyaar ki hathakadi

Gaadi aayi vo na aaya aayi ban-than ke main
Badi-badi aankhein liye khadi junction pe main
Tauba nazar kisase ladi
Lag gayi pyaar ki hathakadi
Disco station disco

Siti baji t.t. aaya karuun kya main hasin
Dil dare paas mere ticket bhi to nahin
Mushkil ye aan kaisi padi
Pad gayi pyaar ki hathakadi
Disco station disco

Roko nahin logo mujhe thokarein khaane do
Gale lago pyaar karo par mujhe jaane do
Main to chali usaki gali
Pahanake pyaar ki hathakadi
Disco station disco


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