Heer – Bulbul Mere Chaman Ke, Takadir Meree Ban Ke Song Lyrics

There have been many love stories till date and will be many more to come on the Indian celluloid. Not all are meant to be immortal like Heer released in 1956 with Nutan and Pradeep Kumar essaying the lead roles. The film is set in Punjab and depicts the true love and saga of two lovers who have set an example for others in love. It was directed by Hameed Butt for Filmistan Production Company.

Album: Heer

Song: Bulbul Mere Chaman Ke, Takadir Meree Ban Ke


Bulbul mere chaman ke, takadir meree ban ke
Jago meree tamanna, jago

Dekho meree najar me, hasarat machal rahee hai
Paravana so raha hai, aur shamma jal rahee hai
Kahati hai bekararee, yeh rate hain hamaree
Jago meree tamanna, jago

Nile gagan pe chanda ruk jaye chalate chalate
Jago toh thahar jaye yeh rat dhalate dhalate
Aaye naa phir savera tum sath do jo meraa
Jago meree tamanna, jago