Ijazzat – Chhotee See Kahanee Se Song Lyrics

This Bollywood movie was released in the year 1987 and was directed by Mr Gulzar. The movie is based on the story written by Subodh Ghosh in Bengali titled “Jatugriha.” The film stars Rekha, Anuradha Patel and Naseeruddin Shah in leading roles. The film tells the story of a couple who accidentally meet after being separated in a waiting room of a railway station and find some interesting truths about life without the company of each other.

Album: Ijazzat

Song: Chhotee See Kahanee Se


Chhotee see kahanee se, barisho kee panee se saree wadee bhar gayee
Na jane kyo dil bhar gaya, na jane kyo ankh bhar gayee

Shakho pe patte the, patton pe bunde thee
Bundo me panee tha, panee me aansu the

Dil me gile bhee the pehle mile bhee the
Milake paraye the do humasaye the