Independence Day Songs – Jan Gan Man Adhinayak Jay Ho Song Lyrics

We have struggled a lot and shed an ocean of tears and blood in gaining our freedom from the British. Millions of martyrs have laid down their lives in the service of nation and for us to breathe, walk and live freely. These independence Day songs are dedicated in honour of those pure hearts and selfless warriors, and our great mother nation. These songs are inspirational, heart-rending, and our oath to sacrifice lives for the country.

Album: Independence Day Songs

Song: Jan Gan Man Adhinayak Jay Ho


Jan gan man adhinayak jay ho
Bharat bhagy vidhata
Punjab sindh gujarat maratha
Dravid utkal bang
Vindhy himanchal jamuna ganga
Uchchhal jaladhit rang
Tab shubh name jage
Tab shubh aashish mange
Gaye tab jay gatha
Jan gan mangal dayak jay he
Bharat bhagy vidhata
Jay he jay he jay he
Jay jay jay jay he……

….. bharat mata ki ….
….. jai ….

English translation:
Thou art the ruler of the minds of all people,
Dispenser of india’s destiny.
Thy name rouses the hearts of the punjab,
Sind, gujarat, and maratha,
Of the dravid, and orissa and bengal.
It echoes in the hills of vindhyas and,
Himalayas, mingles in the music of the
Jamuna and the ganges and is chanted by
The waves of the indian sea.
The pray for the blessings,
And sing by the praise,
The saving of all people
Waits in thy hand.
Thou dispenser of india’s destiny,
Victory, victory, victory to thee.