Jagriti (1954) – Chalo Chale Mann Sapano Ke Ganv Me Song Lyrics

Jagriti is a trend-setter film released in 1954 directed by Satyen Bose. It helped in changing the education system to a great extent, especially those in boarding schools. It was based on a Bengal film entitled Paribartan. It won the Filmfare Best Movie and Best Supporting Award for Abhi Bhattacharya.

Album: Jagriti (1954)

Song: Chalo Chale Mann Sapano Ke Ganv Me


Chalo chale mann sapano ke ganv me
Kanto se dur kahin phulo kee chhanv me
Chalo chale mann……..

Ho rahe ishare reshamee ghatao me
Chalo chale mann……..

Aao chale ham ek sath vaha
Dukh na jahan koyee gam na jahan
Aaj hai nimantran san san havao me
Chalo chale mann……..

Rahana mere sang man har dam
Aisa na ho kee bichhad jaye ham
Ghumana hai hamko dur kee dishao me
Chalo chale mann……..


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