Kaash (Album) – Maikade Bandh Kare Lakh Jamanevale Song Lyrics

Kaash is the first ghazal album of Hariharan released by Indian Mangasound in 2000. According to the singer, the album is an attempt to produce a new sound. He has tried to create a fusion of Afro-American beats in Urdu poetry, which is a rare and unique attempt. Featuring in the making of the album with him are Ustad Rais Khan on sitar, and Ustad Sultan Khan on sarangi, and Sivamani on drums.

Album: Kaash (Album)

Song: Maikade Bandh Kare Lakh Jamanevale


Maikade bandh kare lakh jamanevale
Shahar me kam nahee aankho se pilanevale

Kash mujhko lagale too kabhee sine se
Meree tasvir ko sine se laganevale

Ham yakin aapake vade pe bhala kaise kare
Aap hargij nahee vada nibhanevale

Apne aibo pe najar jinakee nahee hotee hain
Aaina unako dikhate hain jamanevale


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