Maachis – Yad Na Aaye Koi Song Lyrics

Maachis is a 1996 film written and directed by Gulzar. The title is hinted at the youth who when provoked are as dangerous as matchsticks. The provocation could be the difference meted on them because of a political and judicial system. The plot is set in 1980s when there was Sikh insurgency in Punjab, and its consequences on young and honest people. Jimmy Shergil, Chandrachur Singh, Tabu, and Om Puri are the leads in the film.

Album: Maachis

Song: Yad Na Aaye Koi


Yad na aaye koi, lahu na rulaye koi

Hay (akhiyo me baitha tha
Akhiyo se uthake jane kis desh gaya) – (2)
Jogee meree jogive, ranjha meraa ranjhva
Meraa dard vech gaya, rabba
Dur na jaye koi, yad na aaye koi, lahu na rulaye koi

(Sham ke diye ne, aankh bhee na kholee
Andha kar gai rat) – (2)
Jala bhee nahee tha, de hatha balan
Koyla kar gai rat, rabba

Aur na jalaye koi, yad na aaye koi


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