Maalkin – Yeh Bat Jara Samajha Dena Song Lyrics

Malkin is a 1953 social drama film directed by O. P. Dutta. The film had Sajjan, Nutan, Purnima, Durga Khote, Pran, Gope, Yakub, and Raj Mehra in lead roles. The title is referred to a kind lady who is the owner of a three-storeyed chawl located in a densely populated area of Bombay (now Mumbai). She treats all her tenants like her children and survives on the meager monthly rents. Her daughter is opposite to her who has a liking for cars, and other fashionable things. To fulfill them, she even fools her mother in getting her sign the property papers to sell it when her mother is on a pilgrimage.

Album: Maalkin

Song: Yeh Bat Jara Samajha Dena


O piya meraa bhola jiya kahe tune liya – (2)
Yeh bat jara samajha dena – (2)

Bha gaya mere dil ko woh pahale pahal – (2)
Mujhe dekh teraa sharama dena, yeh bat jara samajha dena
O piya………

Yad hai jab milee thee najar se najar
Ek shola utha kuchh idhar se udhar
Pyar kahate hain iss ko na thee yeh khabar – (2)
Tumhen aata hai tir chala dena, yeh bat jara samajha dena

Tere milane se pahale na thee yeh khushee
Dil ko achchhi na lagatee thee yeh chandanee
Ek najar se badal ke meree jindagee – (2)
Kaheen dil se na mujhako bhula dena
Yeh bat jara samajha dena
O piya meraa bhola jiya kahe tune liya
O piya

Raj ulfat ke dil me chhipaye hue
Yu hee chalate chalen muskuraye hue
Ham se tum tum se ham nain lagaye hue
Yu hee sang sang umrr bita dena, yeh bat jara samajha dena


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