Madam Zorro – Ham Bhee Kho Gaye Hain Song Lyrics

This Bollywood movie was released in the year 1962 under the banner of A.D Productions. The star cast for the film is inclusive of Nadira in the lead role along with Bhagwan and Helen in supporting characters.

Album: Madam Zorro

Song: Ham Bhee Kho Gaye Hain


Ham bhee kho gaye hain, dil bhee kho gaya hai
Kahate hain pyar jisako, shayad woh ho gaya hai
Ham bhee kho gaye – (2)

Dil hamko dhundhata hai, ham dil ko dhundhate hain
Manjil pe ham khade hain, manjil ko dhundhate hain
Dil hamko dhundhata, kahate hain pyar jisako

Kya chij hai mohabbat, samajhega kya jamana
Itanee see hai kahanee, itana sa hai fasana
Kya chij hai mohabbat, kahate hain pyar jisako


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