Madbhare Nain – Aa Palako Me Aa Sapane Saja Song Lyrics

Madhbhare Nain is a 1955 film directed by Hemchandra Chunder. Kishor Kumar, Bina Rai, and David Abraham are playing the lead roles. Kishore has just returned from England after completing his medical studies. He is highly indebted to his uncle and aunt and hence could not afford to dishearten them for any reason. The problem starts when both his relatives pick a girl of their choice to be his life-partner. Since Kishore knew he cannot marry both the girls at a time, he sneaks away to Darjeeling and fall in love with a girl there. He is doubtful whether his guardian would give their nod to the girl or not. But what they do not know is that they have selected the same girl to be his wife.

Album: Madbhare Nain

Song: Aa Palako Me Aa Sapane Saja


Aa palako me aa sapane saja, behosh rato kee nindiya chura
Aa palako me aa……

Jis raginee ko bhigee hui chandanee ga rahee hai
Mere dhadakate dil se usikee sada aa rahee hai
Aa palako me aa……

Yah pyas kaisee hai aakar yeh jalate sitaro se puchh le
Bechainiya har pal machalatee baharo se puchh le
Aa palako me aa……