Madhu – Tumase Lagan Lagee Hay Aisee Agan Jagee Song Lyrics

Madhu is a social-drama film released in 1959. Meena Kumari, Karan Dewan, Jagdish Sethi, Sailen Bose, and Tun Tun were the one who shared maximum footage on the screen. The film is set in a village where a zamindar’s son fall in love with a purohit’s daughter. This union is rejected by the zamindar and he offers money and orders the purohit to get his daughter married soon. Being unable to live separately, the two lovers decide to marry each other secretly. How the zamindar comes to know about this secret union and what tricks he applies to end it forms the crux of the film.

Album: Madhu

Song: Tumase Lagan Lagee Hay Aisee Agan Jagee


Tumase lagan lagee hay aisee agan jagee
Yeh dil hua divana najar jhukee jhukee jaye
Tum jo dil me aaye aankho me meree chhaye
Iss dil kee aaraju ka chaman khila khila jaye

Jabase najar milee khoya meraa jahan
Tum ho pas mere mai hu jane kahan
Dil kee lagan mere sajan jhume teree kasam
Jab se dekha tujhe nache meraa man
Lahaki pavan jhume hontho ko hansee chume
Yeh dil hua divana

Tumase meree vafa kahatee hai yeh piya
Dil se mere kabhee tum na hona juda
Dil hai sanam tere liye too hai jane vafa
Dil se pyar teraa hoga na juda
Jab se tujhe paya jine ka maja aaya
Iss dil kee aaraju kam


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