Mahal – Ek Tir Chala Dil Pe Laga Song Lyrics

Mahal is a mystery film by Shanker Mukherjee. It hit the screen in 1969 with Dev Anand, Asha Parekh, Farida Jalal, Abhi Bhattacharya and David in lead role. When a driver is not able to arrange fund for his sister’s wedding, he is offered by a man to impersonate as the brother-in-law of a rich man living in a mansion. He comes to know about the offer as a trap when he is framed in a murder case of the real owner of the palatial house.

Album: Mahal

Song: Ek Tir Chala Dil Pe Laga


Ek tir chala dil pe laga, (hai meraa dil -2)
Ek thes lagee thes lagee, tut gaya dil
Hai meraa dil – (2)

Aye aansuo aao jal bes bachao – (2)
Sine me mohabbat kee lagee aag jala dil – (2)
Hai meraa dil – (3)

Mushkil tha bachana aaisa tha nishana
Chaha toh bahut dil ko bachana na bacha dil
Hai meraa dil – (3)

Kee maine jo fariyad (kisne kiya barbad -2)
Dil ne kaha najaro ne toh najaro ne kaha dil – (2)
Hai meraa dil – (3)


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