Mahek (Album) – Chupake Chupake Sakhiyo Se Song Lyrics

Mahek by Pankaj Udhas was released in 2000. The CD with eight soundtracks is a delight for every commoner and connoisseur of ghazals. The lyrics are simple and can be hummed while you are travelling in a bus, sitting in your drawing room, or sharing a cup of coffee with your friends.

Album: Mahek (Album)

Song: Chupake Chupake Sakhiyo Se


Chupake chupake sakhiyo se woh bate karana bhul gai
Mujhako dekha panaghat pe toh panee bharana bhul gai
Chupake chupake sakhiyo se

Pahale shayad usako mere chehare ka andaj na tha
Mujhase aankhe takarayi toh khud pe marana bhul gai
Chupake chupake sakhiyo se

Sach puchho toh meree wajah se usako aisa rog laga
Kajal mehandee kangan bindiya se sanvarana bhul gai
Chupake chupake sakhiyo se

Kya jane kab usase milane aa jayun iss khvahish me
Chhat par baithee rahatee hai woh chhat se utarana bhul gai
Chupake chupake sakhiyo se


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