Nadaan – Jivan Bhar Dhundha Song Lyrics

Nadaan is a 1971 film directed by Deven Verma. The plot is about a woman rising from poverty to an estate owner. She has an unnerving past which she does not like to share with anyone. In her heydays, she is betrayed by a rich man who impregnates her and tries to kill. She also served her jail sentence for the murder of the same man. The film had Navin Nischol, Asha Parekh, Nirupa Roy, and Helen in lead roles.

Album: Nadaan

Song: Jivan Bhar Dhundha


(Jivan bhar dhundha jisako, woh pyaar mila par nahee mila
Saath nibhata sukh dukh me woh yaar mila par nahee mila
Jivan bhar dhundha…

Usakee surat aankho me, usaka jalva dil me hai
Mujhako aisa lagata hai, jaise woh mahafil me hai
Rang badalaeei duneeya me, diladar mila par nahee mila
Jivan bhar dhundha…

Iss duneeya kee rit kee khaatir maine baat nibhai hai
Yu toh hansata rahata hu par chot jigar pe khai hai
Cahahat ke doraahe par gamakvar mila par nahee mila
Jivan bhar dhundha…


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