Nartaki – Madabharee Rut Jawaan Hai Song Lyrics

Nartakee is a 1963 film starring Nanda, Sunil Dutt, Preeti Bala and Om Prakash in lead role. Nitin Bose is the director, and Dhruva Chatterjee is the story writer. The film put forth a major issue in front of the society – women’s education, which is important for liberalization and modernization. It also relays a message that education is the birth right of one and all regardless of their class and status. Then, no matter whether a girl wanting to become literate is a courtesan.

Album: Nartaki

Song: Madabharee Rut Jawaan Hai


Madabharee rut jawaan hai -2, rut jawaan hai
Gaal rang bhare, mann umang bhare – (2)
Aankh ras tapakaaye
Rut jawaan hai, madabharee rut jawaan hai

Dal kee lachak pat kee lahak phul kee mahak lalchaaye – (2)
Yu bich balama -2 dur dikhaaye kaalee kaalee muskaaye
Madabharee rut jawaan hai

Chanchal rup damakaatee damin lalacha kar tarsaaye – (2)
Isee lagan me aisa dube -2 aap bhee gum ho jaye
Rut jawaan hai, madabharee rut jawaan hai