Nartaki – Yeh Kaun Aaj Aaya Savere Savere Song Lyrics

Nartakee is a 1963 film starring Nanda, Sunil Dutt, Preeti Bala and Om Prakash in lead role. Nitin Bose is the director, and Dhruva Chatterjee is the story writer. The film put forth a major issue in front of the society – women’s education, which is important for liberalization and modernization. It also relays a message that education is the birth right of one and all regardless of their class and status. Then, no matter whether a girl wanting to become literate is a courtesan.

Album: Nartaki

Song: Yeh Kaun Aaj Aaya Savere Savere


Yeh kaun aaj aaya savere savere – (2)
Ke dil chaunk uttha savere savere

Kaha rup ne chaand hai chaudhavee kaa – (2)
Magar chaand kaisa savere savere

Gaya mann kaa dhiraj badhee bekalee bhee – (2)
Yeh mujhako hua kya -2 savere savere

Aate hee ek tarahadar ne dil chhin liya – (2)
Dilruba ban ke dildaar ne dil chhin liya
Paapee chitwan ke pichhe yaar ne dil chhin liya
De ke dhokha kisee aiyar ne dil chhin liya

Aankhon me jaadu baato me shola – (2)
Diya kaisa charaka savere savere – (2)

Yeh kaun aaj aaya savere savere


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