Nastik – Aaj Kaa Yeh Din Kal Ban Jaayega Kal Song Lyrics

Nastik is a 1954 heart-touching plight of a man who goes through lots of trouble in his life. His parents are victims of the partition riot, his younger brother dies with no medical attention, and his only sister has taken to dancing as a means of survival. All these incidences leave indelible marks on his mind and heart, and he starts hating the God for having him face all these trouble and unpleasant situations. Ajit, Nalini Jaywant, I. S. Johar, Mehmood, and Raj Mehra are the leads in this film directed by I. S. Johar.

Album: Nastik

Song: Aaj Kaa Yeh Din Kal Ban Jaayega Kal


Aaj kaa yeh din kal ban jaayega kal
Pichhe mudake naa dekh pyaare aage chal

Haaye janewaale pe naa aitbaar kar, aanewaale kaa too intejaar kar
Bite dino kee yaado me naa jal, ae babu aage chal

Yeh shikve bahaaro ke fijul hain, phulo me kaanto kaa usul hai
Badla hai mausam too bhee toh badal, sheru aage chal

Ek jagah jo baitha reh jaayega, raste kaa pathhar woh ban jaayega
Lehraake ban ja aawaara baadal, pyaare aage chal


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