O Majhi Re (Album) – O Majhi Re Song Lyrics

O Majhi Re is an album by Abhijeet. The classic and all-time best songs are given a new touch to by the singer, and the CD fits to the perennial adage “old wine in new a bottle.” Each of the songs are so memorable that the listeners would feel like a treat to the ears.

Album: O Majhi Re (Album)

Song: O Majhi Re


O majhee re o majhee re
Apana kinaara nadiya kee dhaara hain, o majhee re

Sahilo se behane waale kabhee suna toh hoga kahee
Kagajo kee kashtiyo kaa kahee kinaara hota nahee
O majhee re, o majhee re
Koyee kinara jo kinaare se mile woh apana kinaara hain
O majhee re

Paniyo me beh rahe hain kayee kinaar tute huye
Rasto me mil gaye hain sabhee sahaare tute huye
Koyee sahaara majhdhaare me mile toh apana sahaara hain
O majhee re apana kinaara nadiya kee dhaara hain


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