Opera House – Raste Me Tere Kabse Hain Khade Song Lyrics

Opera House is a story of a dancer girl who has witnessed the murder of his employer. The murderers also want to kill her to wipe out the only witness. This forces her to change her name to seek employment. B. Saroja Devi is the playing the role of a dancer. Ajit is her lover trying to save her from K. N. Singh.

Album: Opera House

Song: Raste Me Tere Kabse Hain Khade


Raste me tere kabse hain khade, ajee le lo salaam garibo kaa – (2)

Galiyo me ghumate the ham bekaraar se
Mil jaaoge kahee toh chalate phirate pyaar se
Mil hee gaye hain toh khul ke milo, dil tod naa do munh mod naa lo
Pyare le lo salaam garibo kaa

Suljhaana chhod dete uljahe se bal kaa
Sun lete aap jo afsaana mere haal kaa
Han han sunee nahee fursat magar
Le jaaye kidhar hasarat kee najar
Pyaare le lo salaam garibo kaa

Abb tak jo ham khade hain hi chaahat aap kee
Takate hain der se divaane surat aap kee
Kab tak yu hee koyee pichha kare
Abb haath mere mere thakane bhee lage
Chaahe le lo salaam garibo kaa