Painter Babu – Jab Yaad Kee Badalee Chhaatee Hai Song Lyrics

Painter Babu is a 1983 film directed by Ashok and produced by Manoj Kumar. It starred Rajiv Goswami, Meenakshi Sheshadri, Neelima, Madan Puri, Aruna Irani, and Om Shivpuri in lead roles. A boy from a wealthy family who loves painting is asked to leave the home when he refuses to marry the girl his parents have selected since he loves another girl. He starts a new life with his lover, but is implicated in a murder charge.

Album: Painter Babu

Song: Jab Yaad Kee Badalee Chhaatee Hai


(Jab yaad kee badalee chhaatee hai
Tab aankh meree bhar aatee hai) – (3)

Mujhe sulaane kee khaatir raat bhee thak thak jaatee hai – (2)
Par nind meree toh -2 pagalee thaharee, tere ghar tak jaatee hai
Jab yaad kee badalee…

Too kya teraa vada kya har bat teree sharmaatee hai – (2)
Pat mit jaayenge -2 pyaar me ham, yeh dil kee agan bataatee hai
Jab yaad kee badalee…

Char deevari mandir kee, yaad teree doharaatee hai – (2)
Par khaalee mandir, o
Par khaalee mandir me puja toh man kee thakan badhatee hai
Jab yaad kee badalee…


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