Pati Patni – Kajare Badarava Re Song Lyrics

Pati Patni is a story of a couple released in 1966, and starring Sanjeev Kumar, Nanda, Sujit Kumar, Mumtaz, and Shashikala in lead roles. The couple’s life is shaken when the husband gets crippled from an accident. Now, the onus to provide the family with bread and butter rests on the wife, and she starts working. Since her boss is a young and introvert person, the husband starts suspecting her.

Album: Pati Patni

Song: Kajare Badarava Re


Kajare badarava re, marjee teree hai kya jaalima
Aise naa baras julmee, kah naa du kisiko mai baalama
Kajare badarava

Kahee gir jaaye naa bindiya, kahee udd jaaye naa nindiya – (2)
Kaalee kaalee aane vaalee -2 barakha kee rat hai
Kajare badarava

Iss bhigee bhigee hava ne kaano me kaha kya naa jaane – (2)
Mai sharmai, mai ghabaraayee -2 aisee koyee baat hai
Kajare badarava