95.5 Charivari 95.5 FM Munich

95.5 Charivari is a private radio station in Munich. Its program format is the so-called Hot-AC. The target group of the station are urban people in Greater Munich between 20 and 45 years. 95.5 Charivari sends from the top floor of the press house Bayerstraße in the center near the Munich main station. 95.5 Charivari sends a 24-hour program for Munich and the surrounding area. The most important programs are in the morning The Herold Show , in the afternoon Susanne in the afternoon and on Fridays and Saturdays the party Hitmix by DJ Enrico Ostendorf. The news for Munich is produced on weekdays and broadcast live. The Munich topics in Munich have a high priority here , as well as in the other program. 95.5 Charivari plays the Pop and Popdance. The main component of the music are the hits from the current charts. For more info visit: Charivari.de


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