Hello FM Radio

Hello FM 106.4 Radio is the largest network of private FM radio stations in Tamil Nadu and Puduchery.The sound-scape of Hello FM 106.4 Radio is a reflection of the mood-map of the city. This simply means that what goes on air minute-to-minute is in sync with what goes on the city minute-to-minute. Right from the title of the hour to the design of the program; from the design of the show to the structure of the format; from the choice of music to the selection of voice; from the option of interactivity to the type of gratification; from the distribution of day slots to the division of time bands, every seemingly minute detail has been carefully designed to ensure that it addresses the appropriate mood of the relevant target group at the right moment of the day. When it comes to music, a state-of-the-art international music scheduling software ensures that hits songs are played across eras, across genres at the appropriate time bands at the most scientifically staggered rotations, repetitions and separations. Other innovations include the country’s only daily radio sitcom, full-length feature film soundtrack, real-time online song ringtone download, daily star sign forecast, IVRS song requests, Kollywood’s second home and much more. Radio has never been more radically real. For more info visit: http://www.hello.fm


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