Saagar – Saagar Kinare, Saanj Sawere Song Lyrics

Saagar is a love story directed by Ramesh Sippy and released in 1985. It was written by Javed Akhtar and was another love-triangle story. However, the narration was quite convincing, though predictable. The actors, Rishi Kapoor, Kamal Hasan, and Dimple Kapadia gave stupendous performances that made the film more impressive. Adding to the sweetness and intensity of the film was R. D. Burman’s music. The film made a remarkable impact on the box office and was selected for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.

Album: Saagar

Song: Saagar Kinare, Saanj Sawere


Saagar kinare, saanj sawere
Halake ujaale, halake andhere
Kyo hain yeh duriya, kya hain majaburiya
Dil jo puchhe kya kahu
Gham kee gaharaaiya, ayisee tanahaaiya
Hay kaise mai sahu
Too nahee paas toh, kya mere paas hai
Ek hee khwaab hai, yek hee aas hai
Teree hee yaade, teree hee baate
Bite naa yeh din beete naa raate
Teree divanee kab se soyee nahee hai
Saagar kinaare dil yeh pukaare
Too jo nahee toh meraa koyee nahee hai