Saahiban – Iss Mele Me Log Aate Hain, Kho Jaate Hain Song Lyrics

Sahibaan is a 1993 romantic film directed by Ramesh Talwar. It starred Sanjay Dutt, Rishi Kapoor, and Madhuri Dixit in lead roles. Madhuri is is playing the title role and is living a poor life in a village along with her parents and mentally-handicapped cousin. She falls in love with a poor guy who lives in a temple. When the thakur sees her, he sends his marriage proposal to her parents, which she refuses and makes her intention clear about marrying her lover.

Album: Saahiban

Song: Iss Mele Me Log Aate Hain, Kho Jaate Hain


Iss mele me log aate hain, kho jaate hain
Meree ungalee pakad ke mere saath chalana
Naa naa naa
Chhod ungalee pakad meraa haath sajana
Iss mele me……

Aankhe jara der ko minch le tu
Tasvir meree yahee khinch le tu
Paas apane use din raat rakhana
Meree ungalee pakad ke……

Dam damaadam ditam

Hain kaam kitne magar vakt thoda
Banava le jaldee tu shaadee kaa joda
Tu bhee taiyaar apanee baaraat rakhana
Chhod ungalee pakad…

Upar niche aage pichhe khade hain
Iss pyaar ke log dushman bade hain
Dushmano pe najar din raat rakhana
Meree ungalee pakad ke…


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