Sadhana – Saavan Aaye Ya Na Aaye Song Lyrics

Sadhana is the story of a helpless son on probation as a college professor. To satisfy his dying mother’s wish, he convinces a girl to act as his wife until his mother is alive. With the selfless care from the girl, his mother regains her health, and being happy with her, gives her the family’s jewels. Acting on this story were Sunil Dutt, Vyjayanthimala, Leela Chitnis and Radhakrishnan. The story was directed by B. R. Chopra and released in 1958.

Album: Sadhana

Song: Saavan Aaye Ya Na Aaye


Saavan aaye yaa naa aaye
Piyaa ghar aaye saavan hai
Pritam pyaari jab mil jaaye
Tabhi basant suhaavan hai

Pushp lataayen bhi tab jhuulen
Jal ki tarangen bhi tab khelen
Sajani jab saajan sang jhuule
Wahi samay manabhaavan hai